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FOR SALE!!! Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts


Most of the time when people go out fishing these days, they are wearing long sleeve fishing shirts. Back in the days, 100% cotton tee shirts were the norm for fisherman and fisherwomen alike. A simple t-shirt, maybe with a pocket sewn on if they wanted to get a little fancier. The times are changing though and technology is advancing. The fishing apparel we wear is changing also. Long sleeve fishing shirts are by far the most popular among anglers to wear on the water today. The materials that are used in these performance fabrics are light weight and wick away the moisture from your skin. They dry quickly unlike cotton which will absorb any sweat and stay moist for long periods of time. 


The advantage of our long sleeve fishing shirts vs a normal t-shirt is that you won’t have to worry about getting any kind of farmers tan from being out on the water all day. Back in the day I used to come back from fishing and my arms would be completely burnt to a crisp, but my chest would be whiter than a ghost. Well that doesn’t happen anymore thank god. Fishing is a lot more enjoyable now.

We even cater to the clean freaks. Our performance long sleeve fishing shirts are treated with antimicrobial to help prevent any bacteria from growing within the fabrics. Just in case you care about that kind of stuff. We had a customer who hated germs, even as a fisherman. But once he got ahold of our product, he was completely satisfied and now wears it every single time he goes out fishing.


If you are interested in buying one, make sure you head over to and check out the products.


Any way you slice it, you will be better off with our fishing product than what you typically wear. Times are changing. Fishing may be an old tradition, but the way its performed is advancing every day. Get our performance long sleeve fishing shirt today and you will understand what we are talking about. We have had many users give us great feedback on our products. Ages have varied from 12 to 65 years old. Everyone has raved on how high quality our fishing apparel is compared to some of the previous products they have purchased.

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We design our fishing shirts so that they can appeal to everyone. They have our signature logo on the front with are logo and signature font going down the arm. Our Long Sleeve fishing shirts are the real deal.

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